Candidate Sourcing

Are you like most of our clients?

You have open roles, oftentimes numerous positions but are so deep in the weeds,
you’re not sure where to begin sourcing the top tier talent within your industry?

You are using the same old sources for prospects and just not finding top-tier talent.

Limited internal resources or the team just too busy for mundane candidate sourcing?

ASCENT Candidate Sourcing does all the legwork at a fraction of the cost of hiring a search firm.

It's SIMPLE, cost-effective, SAVES time and you get a VERIFIED List to Call. Wah Lah! DONE!


Based on your top five must-haves for open roles you need to fill, we source a slate of prospective professionals for you. We use a variety of search methodologies to identify and send you a verified list.

Delivery Time: Usually within 2-3 business days.

List Contents: Name, company, title, phone number, and email address.

There are clients who would prefer we make the initial contact with the prospect, therefore, we have Option B.


Best PLUS everyone on the list will have been contacted so they will be warm leads when you get them.

Delivery Time: 3-4 Business Days

List Contents: Name, company, title, phone number, email  PLUS interest level in making a move, and estimated compensation to needed.


Call Mike Sudermann for more detail or pricing information 336-404-4610

Call today for your Wah Lah!!