NO RISK - 100% Money Back Guarantee on Presentation of Candidates - Call for details

Highly Systematic - Make Hiring Easy for You - Fast without Sacrificing Quality

98% Offer Acceptance Rate - 94.6% Placements Stay 12-Months or Longer

Engaged Search

After initial deposit to confirm your commitment, no additional fee until our candidate is hired

➤  3-Month Replacement Guarantee
➤  Success Based Recruitment Process
➤  Calibration Candidates within 90-days or Deposit Returned
➤  Behavioral Assessment Top 3 Candidates
➤  Weekly Search Status Call
➤  Reference Check on Final Candidate
➤  Background Check on Final Candidate
➤  Candidate Follow-up at 30,60, and 90 days

Retained Search

Minimum Search Fee $49,500

➤ 9-Month Replacement Guarantee
➤ Calibration Candidates in 60-days or less
➤ Position Brief Written for Role
➤ Behavioral Assessments ALL Candidates
➤ Video Presentation ALL Candidates
➤ Executive Summary on ALL Candidates
➤ 24/7 Access to Search Status
➤ Communicate with team via Confidential Portal
➤ Weekly Search Status Call
➤ Reference Checks Completed on Final 3
➤ Background Check on Final Candidate
➤ New Hire OnBoarding
➤ Candidate Follow-Up 30,60,90,120,180 & 360


Search Partnership

Reduce Recruiting Fees by More Than 50%

You retain Ascent Select Talent Capital search services and pay a monthly fee. We will work on any / all searches and help you make placements. There is NO additional fee for a placement. The monthly fee varies depending on how many searches you anticipate needing during our partnership. There is a six month minimum partnership that can be cancelled at anytime in writing with 30-days notice.

➤  Substantial Reduction in Recruiting Costs
➤  Excellent Value
➤  Search & Placement Efficiency

Great talent quickly without sacrificing quality