Employers need to be aware there is a shortage of exceptional talent.

The five year average for unemployed management related professionals is 2.5%

The professionals you are looking to hire for your open positions are in very short supply and it’s getting worse.

The war for talent is here and you must arm yourself with a search partner that is connected to the talent you seek.

ASCENT Select is Connected and your Strategic Search Partner for Guaranteed Success

We have:

98% Offer Acceptance Rate
94.6% Placements Stay 12-Months or Longer
73.2% Candidates Presented are Interviewed

We offer three service options noted below that all use our proprietary Leadership i-Vault™ search process.

Engaged Search

After initial deposit to confirm your commitment, no additional fee until our candidate is hired

➤  3-Month Replacement Guarantee
➤  Success Based Recruitment Process
➤  Calibration Candidates within 90-days or Deposit Returned
➤  Behavioral Assessment Top 3 Candidates
➤  Weekly Search Status Call
➤  Reference Check on Final Candidate
➤  Background Check on Final Candidate
➤  Candidate Follow-up at 30,60, and 90 days

Retained Search

Minimum Search Fee $49,500

➤ 9-Month Replacement Guarantee
➤ Calibration Candidates in 60-days or less
➤ Position Brief Written for Role
➤ Behavioral Assessments ALL Candidates
➤ Video Presentation ALL Candidates
➤ Executive Summary on ALL Candidates
➤ 24/7 Access to Search Status
➤ Communicate with team via Confidential Portal
➤ Weekly Search Status Call
➤ Reference Checks Completed on Final 3
➤ Background Check on Final Candidate
➤ New Hire OnBoarding
➤ Candidate Follow-Up 30,60,90,120,180 & 360


Search Partnership

Reduce Recruiting Fees by More Than 50%

You retain Ascent Select Talent Capital search services and pay a monthly fee. We will work on any / all searches and help you make placements. There is NO additional fee for a placement. The monthly fee varies depending on how many searches you anticipate needing during our partnership. There is a six month minimum partnership that can be cancelled at anytime in writing with 30-days notice.

➤  Substantial Reduction in Recruiting Costs
➤  Excellent Value
➤  Search & Placement Efficiency

Great talent quickly without sacrificing quality